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Hiiii, I’m Chelsea. I'm a 20-something signing in from the depths of the Midwest, where winter literally lasts all year. I'm also quite dramatic. Seriously though, I started blogging as a way to showcase my favorite things, but I've always had an interest in doing a bit more with it. You know, something a little more legit than tumblr.

After the completion of my degree, and as I settle into corporate life, I am dying (see! there's the drama) for a blog that showcases what women actually wear to work without providing an editorial worthy of Vogue or a million affiliate links. In case you'd like a little more background, I work in marketing for an architectural firm. It sounds quite a bit cooler than it is, but I really enjoy my work and get to spend a lot of my day playing on social media, something I'm also quite passionate about. The 'fits I showcase are items I actually wear to work in a bizness environment full of men in ill-fitting suits.

To make things a little more interesting, I have lost almost 100 pounds this year. As I (hopefully) continue on this path, learning to dress my body has been a fun/wretched/anxiety inducing? experience. If you have any questions on that journey, or whatever kids call it, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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