Monday, November 10, 2014


I am totally bugging out about how quickly Christmas is approaching. My grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving when I was a teenager, so I tend to always skip right over that holiday. I've been listening to Christmas tunes, and I'm putting up decorations this weekend.

With the time change it's dark when I leave for work and even darker when I return, so I'm opting to share a few quick snaps of outfits from last week. I promise to supply a worthy post soon! 

I wore the cutest Lacoste dress known to man last week Monday. Although I'm hyped for winter, I'm still desperately holding onto summer and really did look like an idiot headed for the tennis court. Still, navy? stripes? I'm into it no matter the season. 

I hope you'll appreciate this cubicle selfie. I wore this knowing I'd be going from work to dinner for my best friend's birthday. This wrap skirt was a TJ's score and is incredibly cozy. 

Here's Friday night and what my famed dressing room usually looks like. In my defense, my house is under construction at the moment, so I have a lot of things from the living room here. Anyway, I tried desperately to not look like a soccer mom, and I'm wearing that sweater from a few posts ago, Hudson jeans, and really slutty boots. I was also so excited that my grandmother's wedding band finally fits my hand; I'm never taking it off. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


jacket: target | shirt: anthropologie | jeans: hudson | flats: tory burch | necklace: anthropologie

This is a casual Friday look from a few weeks ago as evidenced by the leaves on the trees. We're this close to snow now, and I planted fifty tulip bulbs last weekend. I think, as Kristen Cavallari would have once said, fall is dunzo. I literally cannot wait for Christmas.