Saturday, October 18, 2014

she asked me how to spell orange

Let me preface this post with it turns out taking outfit photos after work requires a tinsy more effort than I had in me this week. My boyfriend took these photos Thursday, but I am just getting around to posting them today. I have a few other things I wore to work last week in the queue, too. So, what I'm saying is... stay tuned? 

It is definitely autumnal in Michigan this week. People here go on and on about how great fall is, when really it's like riding this really exciting roller coaster up to the top and landing in a shit storm full of ice and snow. The only thing great about Michigan winters is Christmastime. I live and die for Christmas, so I'm pretty sure I'd be happy even if I lived in California.

Dress: Target I scored this on lunch, of course, last week. 
Sweater: Anthropologie
Boots: Target Not a lunch find, surprise! However, I'm not sure how I lived without a moto boot in my life. Pair with leggings and you're done. They're also super cozy, and my boyfriend says I look like I could stomp on someone. I have to be honest, that's always the look I'm going for. 
Bracelets: Fitbit, Tiffany


  1. I need to find a pair of moto boots! Love this look. Gorgeous as always.

    1. I have faith in your shopping abilities. Also, love you to the moon and back!