Thursday, October 30, 2014

where do you summer?

cape: costco | leggings: anthropologie | shoes: sofft

I'm sorry, you can't tell me you don't appreciate a good cape. You instantly look chic while strutting around in a blanket. This cape from Costco (!)  was 15 dollars, and could totally pass for Burberry. It's fleece, reversible, and so cozy I almost fell asleep at my desk several times throughout the day. 

Speaking of work, my co-worker and I have a standing joke anytime either of us dresses like an asshole. We ask in our best, high-brow voice, "Where do you summmmaa?" It's also worth mentioning that we should be both be locked up; we are out of our damn minds. 

Thank you to my best friend, Meredith, for taking this photos and eating lunch with me today. You are everything. 

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